Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fight or Flight

So,...this morning I woke up with pink eye. I am so... attractive right now you wouldn't be able to handle it. Also, I was told yesterday by someone that I'm a negative person which I think is sort of...not true. I will say, it's really hard to be positive when you feel like shit but I guess some people are better at faking it than others. And you know what? I may be negative sometimes but at least I'm honest.

Speaking of being negative... On a positive note,... I got to see my actual doctor today and not the PA. I also found Red Vines at CVS so I got some on sale along with my family sized pack of cough drops and Robitussin...so I pretty much feel like in some senses I won the lottery (virally and confectionarilly speaking). Also I got a compliment on my outfit today so that's nice... even if I do look like someone stabbed me in the eye... I brought sunglasses :) So how's that for a positive spin on my "situation."

God I know it's been awhile since I wrote on here, but every time I do I remember how much better I feel afterwards... it's very cathartic. At least something is... and at least it isn't smoking anymore.

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