Monday, May 30, 2011

Up In Smoke

First, hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend.

This weekend for me was supposed to be my time to rest, to regroup, and recover. Only I can't sleep, I have the worst headaches at night from the incessant coughing, and well... it's been difficult to handle when all I want to do is feel good... and all I do is feel bad. Really bad. 

I can barely smell anything but I think my next door neighbor smokes cigarettes in his apartment, and it's seeping into my bathroom which just sucks because it makes my cough worse... and even though I'm congested and my allergies are acting up, it's the one thing I can smell...cigarettes. Don't worry, I'm not wishing I had one, or having a craving, or going through some sort of withdraw,... I am however experiencing some serious mental and physical exhaustion that has only continued to accelerate... 

I sound like a broken record I know... and trust me if I could think about anything other than feeling better, I would and I'd write about it... but for right now, I'm struggling... because at the end of the day, you really only have yourself and when your self is sick,... well let's just say sometimes the ramifications can be a lot greater than just compromised health.

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