Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning Joe

I woke up this morning rather late. Okay it wasn't late but it was late enough, and some show called "Good Morning Joe" or something was on, which reminds me of my favorite movie growing up which was "Reality Bites." (Too boring to explain why, just watch the damn movie...it's good).

I wanted to BE Janeane Garofalo in that movie. Actually,... so much so that I really did end up getting a job at the Gap once. (Yes, I only made it two weeks before I quit and in those two weeks worked a total of 8 hours but it was just THAT bad). At the time, I thought if she could make 400 dollars a week, and learn how to fold the perfect sweater...then why the hell wouldn't I want that!?@ I know... my ambition is startling. Well, you can't say I never tried it :)

Anyway, I bring up that movie because well... when I saw Good Morning Joe, I thought about Reality Bites and that made me think about smoking and then I thought, shit what time is it? I have to get to work! So I thought about cigarettes by way of association...and then I thought...holy shit it really has been 3 whole months! Mind you this was around the time I broke down and had one the last time I quit, but I don't know... I feel so much stronger than I ever have, and to be honest, its been a lot easier this go-round. Now everything else in my life... hahahaha... not so much.

Anyway, have a terrific Tuesday. L.

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