Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Apartment

The apartment is mine. I came, I saw, I signed. You ever just know about something? Like right off the bat, you just know. That's how it was when I saw the apartment. Tons of closet space, natural sunlight, newly renovated kitchen, separate vanity, parquet floors, new gym facility, parking garage, and roof deck with perfect view of the fireworks...and most importantly.... just 5 blocks from my new job, and 1 block from Starbucks!

I used to have this vision of myself walking to work with a cigarette, a copy of the Financial Times, and Starbucks in my hand. I know... why would I, of all people, ever be holding a copy of the Financial Times? Well, because I have always thought there was something tragically hip about a pink newspaper. Leave it to the Europeans! I'm sure I probably just lost several points for actually publicizing this notion of my mine, but again... I am who I am. Now,...  my vision is just me walking to work with Starbucks... and a really good soundtrack (think "Morning Glory").

Anyway, I'm going to the apartment today to take measurements... and of course... to show my parents that I can in fact choose a place... responsibly and that I will be okay. Truth is, I know the apt is five blocks from my job, I just don't know which five blocks... guess it's good I have an iPhone (Dad,... I'm kidding... sort of...)

Happy Sunday. Love, Me.

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