Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Broke out in hives this morning. Not good. Bad actually. It means I'm stressed out (or couldn't you tell...). The last time I was this stressed out was in 2nd grade when I found out I was going to have Mr. Keegan as my teacher... and my mother gave me a Benedryl and had to run me an oatmeal bath. (I know... the bath thing... what the hell is wrong with me!?") But seriously. It's 5:48 am. I've been up for an hour looking at myself thinking about how much I hate Benedryl and thinking... booze would probably work much better. (JOKING!!!!) Shit seriously, I'm too old for this. Hives? What am I,... 6? Anyway, I have to actually get ready for work. Sorry this post was kind of gross and uneventful but I've got two full days left of work at my current job and so I'm a little stressed and since I sure as hell am not going to wake up my mother for this, I had to do something... may as well blog (again... joking... sort of.... Turns out... not so funny at 5:53 am. I blame hives and lack of caffeine. Must make it to Doctor Starbucks...)

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