Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Sorry I'm a Snob.... But Not Really....

So it's Thursday and it feels like Sunday because it's cloudy and raining, and grey outside. It's strange to have a day off... I went to Starbucks this morning just out of habit,... ordered my iced coffee, drank half of it, and then drove home.  And to get that wound up just to drive back home is kind of anti-climactic especially when you're used to working in PR.

Well, that will all change in a few days when I start my new job, but until then, I am trying to make the most of the rest of this week. So it's laundry day today, (I have enough laundry to keep a laundromat in business for 8 years...). It's never ending, and I can't even stress/complain about it because I get to watch my favorite chick flicks over and over again (I know... I literally have a repeat problem...BF would strangle me if he were here... he's now seen "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" more than any man ever should....) and all my friends are busy being adults and I'm (in between chick flicks and laundry), hoping to get enough chores done today.... so that tomorrow, when I get up at the butt crack of dawn again to go to New York, I'll actually be able to relax long enough to enjoy it.

My best friend, (for my birthday) got me a gift certificate to my favorite salon in the entire universe. Cutler Midtown on W. 57th in Manhattan. (Shameless plug I admit but so worth it) I used to go there every 4-6 months in college to get cut and color and even dragged my college roommates there once....

Aside from my repeat problem, and my previous smoking problem, I have a somewhat serious hair problem. Not in that my hair is bad,... my hair is f-ing amazing... (well it is dammit). The hair problem I have is that I'm obsessed with getting my hair done. In a salon. In a salon in New York City. In a salon in New York City that charges like it's a salon in New York City.

I have tried so many times to make it work here... at home... but I am not a lawyer. I do not work on the hill, and I do not make guest appearances on talking head shows or play anchor woman on the 7 o'clock news.... I am an Art Director who would like to feel like a supermodel every day she wakes up....So I have (on occasion) trekked back to my old college stomping grounds to yes,... do nothing but get my hair done. And it works.... every....single... time.

I know my parents are just shaking their heads. In high school I was very experimental... I had pink, yellow, blue and orange hair. It was awful I admit, and troubled my parents so much that once at dinner, while taking a bite of chicken cacciatori, my dad actually dropped his fork and said, "I can't take it look ridiculous." (For the record... I dyed my hair black that very evening using box dye -- see how much i love my Let the record state that not too long after that episode, they did actually ship me off to boarding school so I think that more than makes up for the momentary embarrassment I put them through during my formative years. (no comments from the peanut family gallery thing)

Anyway, I went to college in NYC and got accustomed to this one salon that made me feel like I was... a superstar. So much so that they would order me food if I asked for it, and would bring me Starbucks. Who doesn't love that!?@ And when they did,... I would stand in a special atrium in the back, smoking cigarettes with 45 pounds of foil on my head reading the latest issue of Vogue and texting my gay boyfriends all about how inspiring Marc Jacob's weight loss was and how maybe starving yourself isn't the worst possible thing you could do....

In the end, after 7 hours, and $600 dollars, I'd walk out feeling like the hottest thing since...Marc Jacobs... Now of course that was some time ago.... I was in college and in New York and well now I'm at in my parents basement where I can promise you they aren't paying for me to get my hair done...

So I will treat myself to "the experience" one more time before I start this latest chapter in my life... only this time, I'll be reading BAZAAR and drinking iced coffee inside the salon while thinking about how ridiculous I must have looked smoking with all that foil on my head... and then laughing because I'm finally moving forward... and who doesn't want to move forward feeling like a supermodel?

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  1. I remember you talking about your salon way back when we interned together! Glad you got to go back for a special treat. PS I'm enjoying this blog!