Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Early Bird Catches Weird Looks

You know you're different when you arrive to work before Starbucks opens (and you've already been to two), ....or before the parking garage attendant has time to put on his parking garage sweater and then shakes his head at you and says, "What could you possibly need to do this early?",.... or before the normal "early guy receptionist/security desk clerk" in your office building has made his post. This morning it was a Filipino guy who asked what floor I worked on and then proceeded to verify it. 

Truth is, I have to get in early enough to erase all the other non-work related things from my mind, and essentially pep talk myself into believing I am strong enough to get through another day and good enough to do it well.... and the more stressed I am, the earlier I get to work.

I am still in my earmuffs and my coat is still on because I have 7 minutes before Starbucks opens and well, my brain just won't function without it. Especially at 5:54 am. I have been staring at the screen for three minutes trying to think and all I can come up with is... "Lindsay, get the muffin AND the coffee... AND DONT FORGET THIS TIME!!!" I always forget the food part. Always. And then I get back to my desk and want to kick myself because I'm starving. It's bad not to eat breakfast. Everybody knows that. I grew up with a mother that eats fruit every single day, and some kind of yogurt and some kind of whole grain and it's just so... un natural don't you think? It actually makes me feel guilty sometimes knowing that I have a mother that leads by example because it means I'll never get to lead... (joking....kind of)

Running to Starbucks now. It should be open...sign said 6. Have a great day people and think of me around 2:30. That's when I'll be crashing and in desperate need of more Sbux.


  1. for me its americanos or a venti pike with room for milk. It seems like i never realize im hungry until i start drinking the coffe though. Why arent there ant 24 hour starbucks anyway? #firstworldproblems

  2. Great question and I do not have an answer, although I did find a second starbucks around the corner from my job that opens at 5:30, has hot food, and seating... can we say, "SCORE!"