Thursday, April 21, 2011


So this morning I went to a different Starbucks. I switched up because the last time I went to the one across the street from my job (which is my usual place), the lady at the register said, "Oh. You again. You must have nothing to do all day." I replied, "Actually I have plenty to do, I just need coffee to do it." I happened to be with co-workers who were just appalled at this, and I didn't even realize how rude her comment was until about 5 minutes after it happened but the more I thought about it, the more ticked off I became, and so this morning I decided to boycott, and so I went to a different Starbucks. I hate doing this by the way because I enjoy the perks of being a regular. I like the fact that the woman actually making my coffee at my regular place, doesn't have to ask me what I want, it's already ready by the time I get up to the register which means I never have to actually wait. But this morning, I had to wait (and we all know how much I love waiting). I also had to repeat myself several times, and I just don't get how I ask for a large iced coffee and the person ahead of me asks for some insane complicated order that involves twenty more steps, and the guy understands her perfectly even though she's Spanish and he's African! I mean... really? So I have to go through, "Wait what did you say?" over and over again. So I had to speak really slowly and annunciate which to me, makes me not only sound like I'm one of those bitchy customers, but I'm sure everyone in line was just thinking, "Wow just because he's African doesn't mean he's retarded!" And that is SO NOT what was going on. I don't know how I get in these situations but somehow... I do.

Anyway, same thing happens again, an hour later when some coworkers asked if I wanted to go grab breakfast. I brought lunch and forgot to eat breakfast, so I went, and of course the exact same thing happens.

Me: Can I get the American Scramble?
Cashier: Do you want the American? Or the Southwestern? Or the Pepper Scramble?
Me: American.
Cashier: So scrambled?
Me: Yes.
Cashier: American though right?
Me: Yes
Cashier: Potatoes?
Me: No. Scrambled Eggs. American. Nothing else. To go.
Cashier: Okay to stay or to go?

I sh*t you not. I don't know if it's me or what it is....but I feel like I must not annunciate or I don't say things in the right order or something. I must not speak clearly and I don't understand what I can be doing differently so that A. I don't sound like I'm patronizing them, and B. So that I don't have to repeat myself a bazillion times. If you have any suggestions please let me know.  In the mean time, I'm sticking to Kashi breakfast bars from Safeway. (The strawberry ones are amazing)

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