Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning How to Walk (to Work)

Last night it rained.  It rained so hard it woke me up momentarily, and I lay in my new bed, in my new apartment thinking about how comforting the rain can be sometimes. Last night was my first night sleeping  there. I thought it would be,... lonely, but I popped in a DVD, straightened up my closet and toiletries, and more or less went to sleep. When I woke up, it was dark and I could hear the garbage truck picking up canisters from the streets below. Since I don't have cable set up yet, I played another DVD, and lay in bed remembering that there was no point in actually getting up because hell it was 4:45 am and I am now literally a 10 minute walk (in heels) to work. Fate must be smiling because the rain stopped 10 minutes before I left my apartment and I got to walk to work without getting drenched, (umbrella was left in my car so... note to self...bring that shit home).

Anyway, all is well and the day has just begun so gotta run (need some breakfast :)

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