Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Monday

Where do I begin? This weekend was a success in my eyes. I did about 8 loads of laundry (okay 9), and sorted my dry cleaning, and brought almost all of my clothing to my new place, and with the help of my Dad, was able to hang an amazing piece of art on my wall and with the help of my Mom, (and my Dad later on) we assembled a file drawer on wheels,...and can I just say that there is no way I could have done that without them? Within 2 seconds of hammering in the pieces, my mother goes, "Umm... you skipped a step." Of course I did! The chances of me putting together [successfully] anything that includes a photocopied black and white single sheet of illustrated instructions... not so good. (i.e., Elfa needs to hire a new instruction illustrator because the one they have drew something that looked like a rectangular rocket ship with the screws floating around in outer white space...idiot.) 

On Saturday, I woke up early, headed to my office to pick up my car so I could cart sh*t back and forth to  my new place, and as I was pulling out of my parking space a huge f-ing concrete pillar came out of nowhere and clawed the side of my car! Yes. I know! The nerve! So now I do actually look like a female Asian driver that can't drive. Perfect. Hate when that happens! Even Dad said, "well, better call it pretty good there..." I just love fulfilling stereotypes. So awesome.

Despite the car, despite spending an awful lot of time dealing with my overwhelming and not so spectacular wardrobe, I actually managed to get through an entire weekend not completely worried or pre-occupied with things I needed to get done at work. Of course, I had moments...but I was pretty good about it, and it allowed me to get through the second to last part of my moving. I think by next weekend I should be all good to go (until I'm not of course). better keep an eye on your ironing board...I'm just saying...if it goes missing next weekend, don't look at me...I'm the one warning you :)

Although I was able to stress less about work, I had other the fact that I hadn't paid my first months rent yet, or set up my online account to do so... or the fact that my best friend left for Paris and is now staying at some fabulous hotel that looks out onto the Chanel store. Then there was the issue of having two friends cancel plans with me on Sunday, which I completely understand but it left me realizing, that the fastest way to get yourself out of a funk, is to put yourself to work. The busier you are, the less lonely you feel. At least that's how it's been working out for me. So I watched season 1 of Mad Men (again) and let me just tell you... I didn't actually have a physical craving for a cigarette after watching it, but I definitely had a mental one... but the mental craving disappeared when I looked into my bathroom and saw my perfume sitting there... I thought...well now I can actually smell it. So I got over that one real quick. I also found, while going through my crap, a whole box of Nicorette lozenges. I should sell those things. They're like poison, but I got them just in case I was feeling anxious. Haven't used them yet,..and people keep saying I will cave but... I just don't see that happening...not when I've been through all I've been through and haven't touched one. 

Anyway, hope you all have a happy Monday. I have to get some work done now but last thing... the posts will come more regularly after I get my Internet set up at home... so stay tuned. That should happen this weekend.

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