Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carly Simon's "Anticipation" Is Playing in the Background

I am totally that person standing at the elevator, pushing the button a million times because I actually believe it's going to make the elevator come faster. I have now been to the New York City Marathon website page about... well it's not important how many times I've been... I've been a lot okay? And it's killing me not knowing if I got in or not.

Is it wrong that I've actually had the thought that they do this shit on purpose... like they have some secret Darwinian plot to weed out the weak from the strong because they know that this whole anticipation process might actually kill someone. So hopefully I didn't quit smoking too late. KIDDING!!!

Anyway, I have to write a bio for myself now. (Second worse thing next to waiting to find out if you got in the marathon or not)...

PS: Whatever happens, I'll be fine... but I'll be even more finer (yup... I said more finer) if I got in :)

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