Monday, April 18, 2011

Parking and Voicemail and Reunions

Mondays for me either start off really good, or really bad, and that is usually determined by how fast I am able to get up after my first alarm goes off. If I hit snooze more than 3 times,... then it's all down hill from there. If I get up in 2 or less... well then I'm all good.

Today... I hit snooze 7 times.

By 6:27 am I was racing outside to feed the parking meter. Thank God no one was around because I really looked like a crazy person. It took almost 4 dollars in quarters to give me almost two hours of time... this city I swear... but when I got upstairs... I got a significant amount accomplished.

For one thing, I finally set up my voicemail. It only took 22 takes sitting on the bathroom floor mat so that my voice didn't echo in my nearly empty apartment. Something about hearing your own voice is very... I dunno unsettling. I never sound the way I think I sound. Okay no wait...shit. I just called my home phone and it wasn't me... perfect. So glad I called! Had you read this and then called me, would have thought I had a sex change! Why the hell didn't it record? Okay...evening project...check.

Well, now that we know my voicemail message attempt was all in vain, I did pack my lunch, I actually ate breakfast for the first time in months and I changed outfits 6 times. I have this theory,...if you can pull yourself together on a Monday, then you sure as hell ought to be able to get through the rest of the week... and if least you look good and no one's the wiser...

Anyway, hope your Monday feels like Tuesday :) L.

PS: Parking at my office is like going to the DMV. You have to, and it is ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL a royal f-ing pain in the ass.

Note to garage attendant: Tell me how to park my car again and I'll tell you something...

PSS: I saw my Dad's old secretary this morning when I was coming out of Starbucks. She hadn't changed a bit. I was a little worried she wouldn't know who I was but...she did...and she didn't even make a "You're all grown up" comment! She just said, "You look so good!" And well,...who doesn't love that :) See...pays to look good on a Monday... compliments always make one feel better....maybe my Monday luck has turned.

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