Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Al Roker Sucks

I had a nurse in highschool who used to say "Just gargle with salt water." It was her answer to everything. Broken leg? Gargle with salt water. Fever? Gargle with salt water. Hives? Gargle with salt water. I suppose until then I had really only smoked. I hadn't even had seasonal allergies until much later on in my twenties when they got really bad. So bad that last year I had developed a mild case of asthma, and while I waited for the pharmacy to fill my inhaler prescription, I was smoking a Marlboro Light right outside. At the time I thought, "Well shit.... at least this is calming me down, and it may even be opening up some kind of air way..." I know.... the shit I came up with...

This morning, I wasn't having an asthma attack. I was having an allergy attack so I stopped in at CVS for a little Loratadine fix. I am finally starting to feel like I can breathe. Salt water my foot. Speaking of foot,... can I just tell you that I also bought some insoles for my shoes which apparently I can't seem to live without because either my feet are shrinking or my shoes are getting bigger and walking to work in shoes that feel too big... especially when they are heels...no fun. I know my mother is thinking "Well I told her to wear flats" but... it's not the same and I'm sorry but I'm going through a bit of an age complex since everyone around me seems to think I'm 12 years old. The heels help. Trust me.

In other news, the waterfront flooded today. Amazing actually, for two reasons. 1, you could barely see the tops of the umbrellas at Tony and Joes! And 2, because I actually watched the news this morning! and part of the Today Show (which I am feeling a little like I need to start working into my daily because I seem to be the only one of my peers that doesn't watch the Today show on a regular basis). Truthfully, it's a little hard for me to stomach. For one, I don't buy for a second that Matt Lauer is a nice guy. I think he's probably a royal dick. And second of all... Al Roker? I just can't... anyway, enjoy the rest of your day. I didn't have to drive so I won't have to deal with parking attendants today so my day is already off to an awesome start.

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