Monday, February 21, 2011

7:30 and a Wake-Up

I finally really slept in. I did not wake up at 4am, and I actually feel good enough for a run this morning. It's shitty out... rain and wintry mix says TWC but fuck it. I actually don't want to kill anyone this morning, and it's President's Day (or some day where I don't have to work) so I fully intend on taking every advantage of the fact that I don't even have to drive a car this morning. Besides...I think we've already determined that where I live, all the assholes get up super early.

I was thinking a lot about yesterday and about how my friend said I would inevitably turn into one of those ex-smoking assholes who loves to judge smokers. I have thought about this so many times.... will I? Let me put this in perspective... all of my roll models smoke cigarettes. Granted,... most of them are dead, and the ones that are living... well... how you feel about Keith Richards is your prerogative... but I've always thought he was smokin' hot.... Anyway, you get the idea... one thing though... I read "The Kids" by Patti Smith (one of my favorite books of all time) and I was shocked to find out that she never smoked! Not ever! And she LOOKS like a smoker (you know she does) Then I think about all the other non-rock'n'roller types I like... Eddie Sedgwick (smoker), Audrey Hepburn (Smoker), David Ogilvy (Pipe Smoker...not that kind...the Sherlock Kind....) and I wonder what would happen if you take the cigarette out of the picture. Does Audrey Hepburn still look the same in Breakfast at Tiffany's without the holder to match the dress? Does Eddie Sedgwick's famous photo series by Warhol look the same if she' s only holding the scotch? Does David Ogilvy come up with the Lemon concept for VW or does he roll into obscurity? Regardless... maybe friend was right...maybe I already in fact DO judge smokers... maybe we all do. Okay fuck KNOW we all do... The thing that probably sets me apart, is that I will always think smokers have more fun... and I will always judge them for being just a little more cooler than me.

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