Monday, February 28, 2011

Anne Hathaway Stop It Already

I'm assuming most of you spent last night watching or not watching or pretending not to watch the Academy Awards. The last time I watched the Academy Awards I was at a friend's house smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and eating Thai food. This time, I was at home, on the sofa, in the basement getting more and more irritated with Anne Hathaway. And I truly felt bad for Geoffrey Rush because he was so great in the King's Speech, but I hearted The Fighter and so I was really happy for Christian Bale.

Now if you didn't see the Academy Awards, let me recap... The Kings Speech, The Fighter, The Kings Speech, The Fighter... and I turned on the television right when they decided to play the scene from TKS where Colin/Duke of York is smoking a cigarette and telling Geoffrey Rush that his "knighted" speech therapist told him smoking would help relax his throat. Can I just tell you that I saw The Kings Speech by myself because I couldn't get any of my friends to watch a movie about a guy who stuttered ...even if he was the King of England... and I was kind of happy that I got to go alone.

For one thing, I was the youngest person in the theater and I sat in front of two MBA students (okay, so maybe they were younger) but I got a lot of really good financial advice I'll never use for free! And because Colin Firth smokes throughout the movie what looked like Marlboro 27s, I decided afterwards that well... the King of England got to relax his throat muscles by smoking, then why the hell shouldn't I? Stupid... I know that now... but I have become very good at justifying/rationalizing everything I do only later to contradict myself. Bad habit # 527.

Anyway, it's now 7:09 am... I've been sitting here for half an hour typing this because it's 7:10 am now and I'm the only one in the office, because why on earth would anyone come in so early unless they were giving up cigarettes and operating on the same schedule as the Northeastern Chickadee population. God those damn birds are so annoying...

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