Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Jackson 5 Serenade

Okay I think quitting smoking has turned me into a serious morning person. And when I say serious...I mean of the "SHUT UP I'M SLEEPING, GO BE HAPPY SOMEWHERE ELSE" variety. This morning I woke up in the best mood ever. I had this ephiphany at 5:47 am that my life is awesome. (I know... this mood will change at some point on the way to work when I'm driving...) but for now... I'm so happy I'm annoying myself (and BF has already shot me several "I can't believe you" looks... well deserved though...) I literally got up and had one of those Katharine Heigle montage movie moments where there's a song in the background (in this case it was Lenny Kravitz's "Lady") and I got up and danced into the freezing cold bathroom and danced while brushing my teeth and danced while spitting out toothpaste...(not a good idea by the way). Next song, "I Want You Back" (Jackson 5)... which I've never actually had someone seranade me with at 6 in the morning but it's probably awful... especially if I go by BF's response which was "Ughhh... fine I'm up." (By the way he's glaring at me right now... and I can't stop laughing).

BF: "I don't get how you can do this shit. Whoever showed you the repeat button I'd like to smack them in the face." 
Me: "Ohhhh baby give me one more chance..."
BF: Are you playing that through your iPhone?!@
BF: *rolling eyes
Me: Okay hurry up. I need Starbucks.

Please note: I haven't had a drop of coffee yet. How is this mood even possible right now?!?
Please also note: Don't worry...I will read this later and be absolutely mortified but lucky for you...I'm too happy to give a shit right now :)

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