Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Men In Black Like Starbucks Lattes

It's a weird feeling, walking into a Starbucks knowing you're the only person on the other side of the register who isn't part of the Secret Service. You order your coffee feeling like at any moment something serious is about to go down so you try and place your order without staring at the three very tall,  and very muscular men surrounding you. But you know that they're probably reading your mind right now,... and thinking..."boooooorrrrrringgg"...

At the same time, you also think, "what if something did happen?!? What if one of these men had to protect you? You'd probably want the one that's farthest away because he looks like he trains Bruce Willis..." and then you think, this is so stupid. Why are you thinking about this? This neighborhood is so boring, and nothing cool ever happens here, and why are these Men in Black acting like this is normal? This isn't normal..." (Clearly I'm writing this AFTER I had my coffee)...and then you grab your coffee and walk out the door wondering what it is they're all doing sitting in the parking lot... and why they hang out at the Starbucks down the street when they should be... doing something writing a blog.

I'm at work, and I got here at exactly 6:59 am and I cursed exactly twice on the drive in... once at Honda, and then the second time at the tour de france in front of me...

I lost a lot of work last night so I figured I'd come in early and try to recover what was lost but of course I had to write first and can I just say that I literally just zoned out for like point five seconds and was thinking, "the world is so much more interesting than we give it credit for... I mean... I write a blog and I hate bloggers and I go to the Secret Service Starbucks and I just got my dream job, and I have turned into an early bird.... this makes no sense and I'm really only half awake..." anyway...I'll read this later and think "Yup...should have actually finished the coffee before I started typing" but... then that would be a little too normal.

Look for more coherent thoughts later...

PS: Did you notice...not one thing about cigarettes or smoking? (At least till now...)

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