Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Concentration and Clipboarders

I can not concentrate. I read an article that said coffee helps concentration and it's actually a nice day here so I went to get a ginormous iced coffee. Conclusion: That 

Not helping. Oh, and I walked past the tobacco shop that charges 9 dollars a pack and the smell of sweet tobacco wafted into my nostrils but then that was followed by the stench of bus smog and then some dude with a clipboard shouted, while pointing at me, "I know you want to save the planet! I know you do!" And, might I add, this is what happens when you quit. 

See if I had a cigarette in my hand, the clipboard dude wouldn't have been so presumptuous. He would have looked at me and thought, "That smoker bitch...she's just polluting the earth. She's gonna throw that cigarette butt on the ground, or into the Potomac and she probably drives an SUV." And then the people at the bus stop wouldn't look at me like I drive a smart car with a CoExist sticker on it. (NOT THAT THERES ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT)

In any case, the clipboarder would be wrong about two out of three. I would definitely throw the butt on the ground. No doubt about that. I do NOT drive an SUV and I don't even know where people get those CoExist stickers. (My SUV was going downhill,... I had to sell it).

But you see... this new image of me has already surfaced on a simple walk to Starbucks. So strange. I didn't mind that some hippie with a clipboard thought I was an asshole and decided NOT to hassle me because I was holding a cigarette. I cherished that fact. I relished in it like a Nathan's footlong but it seems it's a whole new ballgame now. 

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