Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Was Not In Waco

Sleepless, smoking helped pass the time. I hate to admit this openly but whenever I used to think about quitting and I do mean think... I would dream up a scene from pocahontas (yes, the Disney version) of the "elders". In their tee pees smoking their peace pipes telling the young ones how to be respectable adults,... And id think,... Well they smoked and it was all good so I should be able to smoke. Of course I don't live in a Disney movie, nor am I native American and you know what the last thing my "elder" said to me was? (after I told him the blog had over 200 visitors) "soon you'll have as many followers as that crazy man from Waco." ... Awesome dad. Seriously? What do you say to that? Exactly. I said nothing. Then we watched another pepsi max commercial and I made the prediction the Packers would win....

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