Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Focus Says the Dick in the Focus*

I woke up this morning to see snow on the ground. It's an awful feeling actually when you wake up, there is snow, and you don't get excited about it. It means you're not a child anymore, and that kind of sucks, especially when you have childish tendencies the way I do. It was freezing okay? I live in a basement, and if I turn the heat up, then when I wake up I feel like I have strep throat, and if I turn it off,...it takes me four times the amount of time it usually does for me to get out of bed. So I sit under the covers freezing and frowning and freezing again staring at my flat screen and getting angrier and angrier. And then BF looks at me and says, "Seriously...we have to go soon!" And I glare. And I sit there thinking, "Mother nature is a cruel bitch and I am getting really sick of layering."

Side note: I got to work and checked my email and had a resume and online portfolio waiting in my inbox. Strange to have to look at people's work who will be your replacement. Also strange to think you can look at someone's work and get a feeling about them, but I did and I do. This feeling...not a good one. Sorry buddy... this person did not smoke in highschool, wears tapered khaki's and collects tupperwear. I'm sorry... I quit smoking...not being a bitch.

Anyway, there was only a two second period this morning where I wanted a cigarette. There were cars and assholes (and a really ugly Ford Focus) involved so... you've theoretically read this blog... you know how it goes... but then I thought to start over after....23 days... that would probably suck big time, and then I'd hate myself and have a bunch of people wanting to kill me. So no...I didn't smoke.

PS: I actually have a shit load of work to do today. If I survive I'll write when I get home. If I don't write, I'm probably not dead,...I'm probably sleeping.

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