Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kicking and Screaming

Woke up looking like I fought Tyson (no asshole, I lost),... but you'll be happy to know I have managed to rebound with a few small tricks...including bronzer, eyeliner, and some awesome mint lip balm. Now I am ready to face this day because I'm not entirely sure that anything could compete with yesterday and you know what? Bring it on because I'm ready now. I don't think meter maids would want to f with me today. Not on the day I turn 29... and am wearing the highest heels I own. The only thing scarier would be if I were smoking :) So I'm ready to take on this last year of my 20's and kick some ass (smoke free of course). Oh...

Speaking of which, I'm leaving you now to go watch a movie with Mark Wahlberg in it. Jealous?

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