Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fly Like a G6 (Okay, I hate that song too but it sure is catchy)

I am just floored that I woke up early again. It's Saturday for God's sake. It's probably because I went to bed on the "earlier" side and because I knew last night, as I was beginning to fade that today was Part 1 of my Birthday Party Celebration Extravaganza! Everyone knows that I never just celebrate the day I was born. I get the entire month :) And it's been a little strange because since I quit smoking this month, I'm just not as indulgent as I have been in the past. Let's just say this month hasn't entirely felt like a party every day. That being said (don't you love when people say that?)...

I'm a sucker for parties, especially when they are for me. I love that I have an excuse to wear a dress, and get dolled up and put on ass kicking heels, but let me be honest, in the weeks leading up to my birthday (before I had decided to quit smoking) I was rather looking forward to pigging out and chain smoking as my birthday consolation prize. It was always in my illustrative mind that parties included cigarettes and drinking and cigarettes and ridiculousness, and cigarettes..and gifts. Not this year. This year, my party will include good food, great friends and family, and a really pink dress :)

Wish me luck and see you at the bar. Love L.

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