Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jack Nicholson

So tonight I told my dad about the positive responses I got in regards to the post I wrote about him. My dad's response after I read him the post was, "I thought I was much funnier in real life." I swear... oh and then he likened his diatribe to that of a Jack Nicholson monologue, which is just beyond me. It did not stop there, however. I then told my mother about the amazing emails I got from family and friends after she told everyone I started a blog. 

Actually it's absolutely true that my mother yielded quite a positive response from friends and family and I was in fact thrilled to get some really nice and supportive emails. 

My dad on the other hand....said, "You did what? You told friends and family she started a blog? Why on earth would you do that!?@" To which my mother replied, "Because I'm proud of her! And because... it's good!" My dad shook his head, rolled his eyes and said, "Ooooohkay."  So my mom hugged me as I stood there thinking..."quitting smoking is awesome." 


  1. Love the blog! I'm very happy for you that you're taking a positive step for your health. You go girl! Now convince Laura to join the challenge.
    Aunt Bev

  2. Aunt Bev,
    Thank you! Thank you for posting the first comment. This is awesome. Will call Laura tonight ;)