Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trippin' Down the Freeway

Not going to lie. I had fully prepared myself for a Dante's Inferno type hell this morning but turns out, falling asleep to "Trippin' Down the Freeway" by Weezer (it's a song mom....not some new brand of heroin) on repeat isn't such a terrible way to go, even if you do only get 4 hours of sleep... I've made it into work on time today (which is 2 hours early for most people) and I'm the only one here which I love. I feel rested, and recovered and the drive here gave me some time to think about the two big things coming up this year for me. 

The first....my birthday which is Sunday. So weird. It will be the last year I'm in my twenties. I know...don't say it. I was told the other day by someone in their forties that I'm getting old which was so bizarre and annoying because first of all,...being in your twenties, for those of you who don't remember...isn't a walk in the f-ing park. It kinda sucks sometimes. I'm not saying it isn't fun and you don't get away with stuff....but two things happen...you realize how uncomfortable it is being you sometimes, and then there's the whole "you're not a teenager anymore...you're an adult so start acting like one" which, much to my parents chagrin... I'm still working on.

The second thing coming up is my ten year high school reunion. Yes,... also very weird. Especially since for me, that means driving up to New England and that's about a 10-12 hour drive depending on traffic which will, no doubt, give me plenty of time to think about how much easier the entire thing would be if I could only smoke. ESPECIALLY since smoking was one of the things you were absolutely NOT supposed to do in boarding school. Which got me thinking this morning about how I'm going to handle this dilemma and I realized it's simple. The one thing that got me through boarding school, was my innate ability to do the exact opposite of what people expected of me or wanted me to do. 

I shit you not, I was perfect at that school. Granted, the first day they made me change 7 times because...to be quite frank,...I didn't own a single pair of khakis and the only belt I had was covered in metal spikes. But they remedied that... and before I could protest they had me in a Wal-Mart with the most popular boy in school trying to convince me that khaki's and polos were cool. To put this in perspective, my idols at the time wore plaid pants and had mohawks and I was at Walmart with a gorgeous Senior and Co-Captain of the football team. Eventually we walked out of the Walmart with some khakis, and I called my mother that night to tell her I couldn't believe she could do this to her own daughter. (It's funny now, but at the time I felt like my own mother had thrown me to the wolves.) Well the story ends like this. Senior year a Freshman from the Hong Kong punk scene became my roommate. Something about "We think your influence could benefit her attitude." So it became my turn to take the rebellious punk girl to Walmart. Four hours later I just wanted to shoot myself.

"THIS IS NOT ME! I AM NOT WEARING KHAKIS UNTIL YOU CAN EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I SHOULD! I HATE YOU!" It was the first time I felt bad for the most popular boy in school but in the end, with tears in her eyes, she walked out with the same bag I had 2 years earlier. 

Oh boarding school... this will be the ultimate test. Thank God I've got a few weeks to prepare for this.

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