Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Remember

I am so exhausted and I probably need a nap and some tea but I hadn't really written much all day and probably won't write much more than this post. I did, however want to say that quitting is so much harder than it looks. I have made it a point to try and be positive, and humorous about this challenge,...and not take the withdraw symptoms out on those around me. I've bit my tongue on so many occasions it's bled. I've walked away or chugged a coffee in moments of weakness and temptation but I have not given in. I say all this because I was accused of lying yesterday and I can tell you that I probably wanted a cigarette more in that very moment than I have since I quit. I will also tell you that I have not had a single cigarette, or a single piece of nicotine laced gum, or a single lozenge in 9 days. I have cried behind closed doors, and laughed at the relative success of my blog, but I have just as well mourned the loss and comfort of smoking and THAT is the truth. Thank you to all who continue to read and support me. It helps. It really does.

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