Friday, February 4, 2011


This week has been glorious! I've got gum all over my car, I've flicked off 2 drivers on the way to and from work, I've dreamt I was on Chelsea Handler's show, I've played air guitar 3 times in the bathroom (okay, who I am kidding, I do that all the time), I've threatened all my friends on Facebook, I've spilled coffee on my iPhone so now it's got this brownish (or should I say sepia), tint to the screen, um...and I've started a blog (yeah I know...I never pinned myself as the type either) but this is what happens when you quit. You lose your marbles... I told my college roommate that I thought we could both quit smoking while maintaining our badassness. I mean...I can still spit really far, I still have a tattoo, and I clearly still curse like a drunken sailor so that should count for something right? 

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